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We gathered the frequently asked questions about Herbox and their answers for you!

Section A) General questions

1: What is Herbox?

Herbox works to help companies, schools and organisations make menstrual protection available. Through our smart dispensers with associated menstrual protection subscriptions, menstrual protection can be offered in a flexible and sustainable way, just like toilet paper is offered today. Together we create a more inclusive, safe and equal environment. No one should have to leave school or work because menstrual protection is not available when you need it.

2: What does Herbox tampons contain?

Herbox tampons are made of 100% organic cotton and come from our partner Renée Voltaire.

All our tampons are therefore completely free of unnecessary substances such as perfume, plastic, synthetic materials, chemicals and sprays.

3: How does Herbox work with charity?

Herbox wants to work for women's rights in several different ways. That's why we donate 1% of our profit to the charity Kvinna till Kvinna, which is in over 20 different countries and fights for every woman's right to a secure future.

4: How does Herbox work with sustainability?

Herbox works to ensure that our processes and products are sustainable both for the environment and for people.

- All our dispensers are locally produced in our factory in the Gothenburg area
- All our tampons are made from 100% organic cotton. Kind to both the environment and the body
– We work with a circular business model where our goal is to reuse as much material as possible in the event of a broken dispenser
– By making ecological menstrual pads available, we contribute to two of the UN's sustainability goals: Number 3 for health and well
-being and number 5 for gender equality

Section B) Subscription

1: How many dispensers can we order?

You can of course order as many as you wish! You are very welcome to contact us at info@herbox.se for a customized order.

2: Are tampons included when purchasing a dispenser?

When ordering dispenser(s), you choose an associated tampon subscription that suits the size of your organization/number of women. We then continuously send out refills of menstrual protection once every six months.

3: Who refills the dispensers?

Herbox's vision is that menstrual protection should be available as naturally as toilet paper, and not be seen as a luxury product as it is a very basic need. Therefore, we do not offer a top-up service, but top-up of menstrual protection takes place in exactly the same way as top-up of toilet paper, from, for example, housekeeping.

Herbox dispenser has level indicators on the front and takes about 1-2 minutes to fill up. You also get clear instructions on how to do it.

4: Can I rent Herbox dispensers temporarily?

It's great to rent our dispensers temporarily!

For events or other functions, it's great to rent Herbox dispensers for a limited period of time.

Contact us at info@herbox.se and we'll arrange a quote.

5: How many dispensers do we need?

You decide that entirely yourself, of course. Some organizations choose to set up dispensers in all toilets, while others choose a few selected places to place them - such as in the largest toilets, at toilet stalls, or in the girls' changing rooms, for example.

Choose for yourself what feels best for you. You can always start with a smaller number of dispensers and then order more as you go.

6: What sizes are the tampons?

All our subscriptions include tampons in two sizes – Regular and Super.

7: Is it possible to change the subscription?

Yes, no problems! If you wish to upgrade or downgrade your subscription, just contact us at info@herbox.se and we will help you.

8: How do we order more tampons?

Get in touch with us at info@herbox.se 🙂

Section C) Shipping & Payment

1: How does payment work?

In connection with ordering, a confirmation is sent to the specified e-mail. The first invoice is then issued in connection with delivery. Thereafter, future invoices are sent out in connection with the dispatch of tampons every six months.

2: Which countries can you order from?

We accept orders from all EU countries, Norway and England. The goal is to create change in as many countries as possible.

3: How long is the delivery time?

Within Sweden, the delivery time is 5-7 working days. For other EU countries as well as for Norway and England, the delivery time is 7-9 working days.

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