Menstrual products should be available to everyone.

Order dispensers with organic pads or tampons for your school or business.
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We believe that menstrual products should be as freely available to women in ladies' rooms as toilet paper.

Does your workplace or school want to be part of a revolution where menstrual protection is becoming widely available?

You choose the number of dispensers + a subscription for tampon refills.

In an equal society, menstrual protection is offered free of charge.

100% organic tampons

Unfortunately, most tampons contain unnecessary chemicals or harmful substances. This is something that can also increase the risk of infections. All our tampons are made of 100% organic cotton and therefore contain no harmful substances.

In other words, healthy for the body as well as for the environment.

Join us and be part of change!

It was important to us to create a company that works with women's rights in different ways. That's why we donate 1% of our profits to the charity "Kvinna till Kvinna".

Be part of the movement and contact us here!

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