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You choose the dispenser type, color and dispenser quantity.

Are you interested in a dispenser that supports different tampon sizes? Or a dispenser that supports both tampons and pads? Or pads and panty liners? The choice is all yours!

Menstrual care products restocked periodically

Select the number of refills based on your needs. Then the menstrual care products are automatically sent to your address every sixth month. The quantity can easily be adjusted according to your specific needs.

Gul herbox certified med tampong i mitten


Congratulations! You are now contributing to a safer work or school environment – irrespective of the day of the month.

Why Herbox? 🖤


Time delay
Our dispensers are equipped with a mechanical time delay feature that allows only one menstrual product to be dispensed at a time, making it a sustainable solution that avoids abuse.

Swedish production
All our dispensers are produced in Sweden. Currently testing is being conducted, as the goal is to manufacture all our dispensers using 100% recycled plastic by 2025.

Ekologiska mensskydd

Menstrual care products made from 100% organic cotton.
All our menstrual care products are made from organic cotton and contain no traces of chemicals or bleaching agents. Therefore, it is the natural choice to protect both our bodies and also the environment.

Time efficient
We automatically send out menstrual product refills to you every sixth month based on your needs – you don’t have to think managing stock! The quantity of menstrual products can easily be adjusted as needed.

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