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The humble beginnings of Herbox

The idea of Herbox emerged from a personal experience when the founders, Hanna and Linn, were studying in San Diego four years ago. They realized the harsh reality that in the majority of restrooms there is a lack of menstrual care products, and we wondered how that could be possible when half of the world’s population menstruates. This sparked a strong desire to change this, the desire to create safer and more equal work and school environments, regardless of the day of the month.

In addition to the taboos surrounding menstruation, we also realized that there was a lack of a good distribution solution for businesses to offer free menstrual care products in a convenient, hygienic, and sustainable way. We reached out to companies specializing in product development and production, and numerous prototypes later, we finally developed the perfect dispenser for menstrual care products to make a real impact out there! In addition to having an elegant and functional dispenser with a range of smart features, we are also proud that our entire production is Swedish and prioritise sustainability.

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How we support change

Today, Herbox collaborates with thousands of companies, educational institutions, municipalities, and sports associations, where together we are setting a new standard in society. We are creating real change by supporting the creation of  more gender-equal environments , and we are also setting the bar for future generations. Menstruation affects half of the population, and having access to free menstrual products in restrooms should be as common as having access to toilet paper in these same restrooms.

Every week, we receive messages from students, businesses, and decision-makers about how we have made someone’s day or hear about the positive impact that Herbox has had on an organization. At Herbox we are deeply committed to gender equality and taking women’s needs seriously, and making menstrual care products accessible is part of that commitment.

We want to make a difference on a large scale. Which is why we donate 1% of our profits to the women’s rights organization Kvinna till Kvinna (Women for Women), which actively strives for the improvement of women’s rights in over 20 different countries.



Sustainability as a central focus

For us at Herbox, sustainability is at the forefront of our business strategy and permeates all our choices, work methods, and processes. All our dispensers are produced locally in Sweden, and if a dispenser is damaged or no longer in use, we take them back to reuse the materials and reintroduce them into the production process.

All of our menstrual care products are made from 100% organic cotton, which means they are completely free from chemicals, perfumes, bleach, and other unnecessary substances – in other words, a great and sustainable choice for both the body and the environment!

Currently, we are conducting tests related to our ambition of manufacturing our dispensers entirely from recycled materials by the year 2025.

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