About Us

Our vision

Herbox is more than a company that offers dispensers for menstrual products.

We want to create a society where women's needs are taken seriously. A society where women feel safe and where women dare to take their place. Not everyone with menstruation is a woman, and not all women have menstruation, but actually menstruation related topics are still a women's issue.

In several countries menstruating girls are not allowed to go to school and menstruating women are not allowed to stay in the kitchen. There is a taboo and shame surrounding menstruation in a lot of European countries and although we have come a long way today, we still have a long way to go. Making menstrual protection available is one of many small steps towards an equal society.

How it all started

The idea of ​​Herbox grew out of a problem we recognized ourselves, where periods and the lack of menstrual protection often put us in awkward situations.

In 2019 we studied in San Diego, where we were on a huge campus and started to think about the problem. Why is it that such a large proportion of the world's population is menstruating, and yet there is a lack of menstrual protection in most toilets? We quickly realized that this is an issue many girls and women identify with, while the companies that wanted to offer free menstrual protection lacked a good distribution solution.

After returning from San Diego in 2020, we contacted a product development company that offered us helped develop the solution we had in mind - dispensers with menstrual protection, with a built-in delay to prevent waste, helping companies and organizations make menstrual protection available to everyone who needs it.

Together, we create a safer environment for women.


We strive to make sanitary towels as accessible as toilet paper. In other words, a matter of course in toilets.


It is important to us to only work with products and processes that protect our planet.


We want to provide a simple and easy solution so that women feel safe wherever they are.

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