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Herbox x Danish Tennis Federation

Danska tennisföbundet och Herbox. Tjej med vita kläder som håller i ett tennisrack

Herbox and the Danish Tennis Federation are now teaming up together, to create change within the sport! 🎾

Women in sports should not have to be distracted by periods

An incredibly important collaboration where our ambition is to promote sports on equal terms, a collaboration that we hope will strengthen the health and well-being of girls and women. Where they can focus entirely on the sport and not having to worry about bleeding, having an unexpected period or thinking about not bringig their menstrual products from home.

“By teaming up with Herbox, we want to create a more supportive and comfortable experience for our female athletes. Herbox’s solution is easy and secure, and the collaboration reflects our commitment to meet different needs within the sports world and create an environment where women feel supported and encouraged to grow their
passion for sport”

– Emil Bødker, Director of the Danish Tennis Federation

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Tennis is considered one of the most equal sports in the world, in terms of the distribution between men and women.

Approximately 47% of all tennis players are women


Despite that, there is often a lack of access to menstrual protection around the tennis clubs and, moreover, women are STILL competing most often in white bottoms


2024 is here, let us act like it!

– How do we ensure that everyone can participate in the sport regardless of the day of the month? What sporting environment do we want our children and grandchildren to grow up in? Should menstruation and lack of access to such a basic need as menstrual protection be allowed to hinder the everyday life of half of the world’s population?
Together, we now ensure that menstrual protection is freely available and by that we create change!


Why Herbox?

As normal as toiletpaper

Create safe environments

No girl should ever have to experience stress, insecurity or discomfort due to menstruation or the lack of access to menstrual protection. Neither when training nor in when competing!

Fist bump med en vit bakgrund

Increase equality

It is everyone’s joint responsibility to establish an inclusive environment within all organizations where the needs of girls and women are taken seriously.

Illustrerad jordglob med gröna länder och vitbakgrund

Aktivt främja FN:s globala mål

Goal number 3: Good health and well-being.

Goal number 5: Equality

Join us and contribute in the making of a more equal world where women can participate on equal terms, always.