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Free Menstrual Products for Roskilde Festival’s
Visitors! Herbox for all attendees!

For a long time, it has been a problem not having access to menstrual products during festivals…

But this year, we can proudly say that WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK throughout the entire Roskilde Festival!

As one of Europe’s largest festivals, Roskilde Festival is familiar to most – attracting over 100,000
visitors each year, and we can now proudly announce that Herbox and Roskilde Festival
are teaming up for the upcoming festival week starting on June 29!

Fyra festivalbesökare som går bredvid varandra vid solnedgång på Roskildefestivalen

“The Herbox collaboration is about equal opportunities, even though we have different needs. It is not only to support situations where the products are needed but also because it raises awareness of different needs and allows more people to thrive at Roskilde Festival.”

Mika Christoffersen, DEI and Behavioral Manager

15 dispensers with free tampons and pads will be placed around the festival area to ensure a smooth and safe environment as possible, even for those who experience unexpected periods.

Bild på Hanna Lauste som är VD på Herbox

“This is an incredibly important collaboration that sets a new standard for today’s and future generations! That Roskilde Festival offers free menstrual products shows that they are leading the way and taking important steps towards inclusion.”

Hanna Lauste, CEO and co-founder of Herbox

We are already seeing more and more festivals offering free menstrual products to their visitors, but there are still many festivals that need to take action. We hope that Roskilde Festival’s initiative will inspire more in the industry to take a stand on this issue.

Do you know festivals that need to offer free menstrual products in their restrooms? Let us know!

Published 2024-07-02